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Closing FAQs

How do I schedule my closing?
Please upload your complete closing package as one attachment into the Yardi Portal. Your closing will be assigned to a specialist for review. You will be contacted directly with any corrections or issues with the closing date.

What is the link to access Yardi’s P260 Portal and upload my closing package?

What is the number to Yardi’s P260 helpdesk?

Where do I upload the preliminary HUD-1 Package in the Portal?
On the Functions menu, click Add Attachments. In the category field, select Settlement and subcategory select Prelim HUD-1. Please do not use any other category or subcategory. Use of the wrong category may delay your approval.

What documents are to be included in the Prelim HUD-1 Package?
HUD-1 Settlement Statement (lender approved), tax bills, signed closing instructions, outstanding invoices, and warranty deed with return address instructions.

When should the Prelim HUD-1 Package be uploaded for closing?
Your package should be uploaded no later than five (5) days prior to closing. It is not necessary to request a closing date or schedule your closing with Sage Acquisitions.

When and where should I send outstanding invoices to be paid by the seller?
Invoices should be submitted no later than 10 days prior to the closing to your assigned compliance specialist. All bills must be sent in advance of closing. Please refer to your executed contract email for your compliance specialist.

Will all closing requests be accommodated?
If the package is uploaded timely and there are no outstanding bills/demands/issues preventing closing, the assigned specialist will work to accommodate your requested closing.

Where do I submit any HUD-1 revisions?
Please email them to the HUD reviewer assigned to your file. Revisions should be sent after your initial package is reviewed. Please do not upload multiple packages to the portal.

How do I know if the Prelim HUD-1 has been received?
An email notification will be sent to the primary email address on file that is associated with your Title ID.

What should I do with the Final Post Closing Package?
Within 24 hours of closing, update the Actual Close Date in P260 and then upload the Post Closing Package to the portal under the Settlement category and then Final HUD-1 subcategory. Do not use any other category.

Who do I contact for general closing related questions?
Sage Acquisitions’ Customer Service Department can assist you with most general closing related questions. In the event they cannot, they will escalate to a closing team member that can assist you.

What is Sage Acquisitions’ Customer Service telephone number?
Atlanta – 1.877.369.9018
Denver & Philadelphia – 1.888.909.5007

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